Adrian and Joy make hand cut coin jewellery, cutting out the designs on coins to make pendants and cufflinks that can be personalised with a year of birth or an anniversary.
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Dated Pendants
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Gold Wren farthing necklace.
Welcome to Joy and Adrian´s hand cut coins web site.

Jewelry made from cut out coins.

The ideal gift for birthdays and anniversaries.

Dated necklaces and cufflinks
Silver Acorn sixpence pendent.

Please browse through the catalogue on the left of the page to see our range of hand cut coin pendents, necklaces and cufflinks.

If you are looking for a dated coin click the appropriate year tab on the left.

For example if you are looking for a gift for someone with a birth year of 1958, click the 1953-1967 tab.

Jewellery hand carved from original coins Gold threepence pendant. Individually carved to create an unusual present that can be personalised with a year to make an ideal present for birthdays and anniversaries.

Joy and Adrian have been making cut out coin jewellery since 1989.

We start with an original coin and drill small holes into the areas we want to cut away to highlight the design.

Each coin can require numerous holes.

Drilling to allow a piercing saw blade to be inserted in to an area of the design to be highlighted.
Cutting to leave the design hanging within the rim.

A piercing saw blade is then inserted in to the holes and areas cut away to leave the design suspended within the rim of the coin.

The coin is then soldered with an appropriate attachment to create either pendants, cufflinks, tie tacks or earrings.

Finally the coins are either Gold or Silver plated.

All work and the finish on the coin is fully guaranteed.

For details of the postage and packaging charges please see the information page.

Gold Portcullis threepence necklace.

We accept credit cards.

UK personal cheques are also accepted. Please see the information page for details.

For full terms and conditions please see the Information page

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